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Names for Materials: Letting the Product Speak for Itself (downloadable pdf)
By: Peter H. Karlen
This article discusses development of brand names for materials, including textiles, building products, coating and binding substances, and other functional materials. The discussion is illustrated with numerous brand names. Famous brand names and generic names for materials are analyzed to show how they were constructed. Also discussed are important trademark issues for materials, including genericide, semantic positioning, and ingredient/component names.

Trademark Arts
By: Peter H. Karlen
Trademarks, like copyrights and patents, are a form of intellectual property, but unlike copyrights and patents, trademarks may enjoy indefinite protection if continuously used. Because trademarks are often the most valuable assets of companies, they may be one of the most valuable forms of property after real property. Read More


  "Trademarks, like chess games, present limited practical and
aesthetic choices."
— Peter H. Karlen

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