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For readers interested in the complexities and practicalities of naming and trademark selection, Neonym Corporation is publishing The Art of Naming: NEONYM Creative Guide to Selecting Names and Trademarks. You are welcome to browse Sample Sections, the Glossaries, and the Table of Contents showing all 333 sections. Periodically a new sample section will be posted. You can buy this book for $39.95. This book is available free to all clients who commission at least the basic package of services from NEONYM Naming and Trademark Service.

The Art of Naming: NEONYM Creative Guide to Selecting Names and Trademarks
  • Offers insights into the naming process and provides an extensive array of selection methods, general considerations, trademark subject matter, and trademark prohibitions
  • Unravels some of the mystery surrounding the creation of commercially successful business names and trademarks
  • Deconstructs, analyzes, and reveals the origins of many famous names and marks
  • Explains why some names and marks are weak and others strong
  • Is illustrated with hundreds of examples of trademarks, business names, and domain names, including over 250 images of pictorial and graphic design marks and other non-alphanumeric marks
  • Contains glossaries of trademark and linguistic terminologies

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