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A great name is like the title that sells the book: it's a catalyst, mantra or talisman that makes success so much easier.

At NEONYM Naming and Trademark Service we help develop strong, distinctive, and adaptable names and marks for businesses, products, and websites. Specifically, we help analyze and develop:

  • Trademarks and service marks, including house marks, product marks, and ingredient and component marks
  • Trade names, including corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship and professional names
  • Internet domain names
  • Slogans and taglines

Our basic services include:
  1. Asking questions and creating a questionnaire that helps identify your business, its products, and the meanings, images, and values you seek to convey with your name or mark
  2. Meeting with you in our offices or by teleconference
  3. Giving you written guidelines for how to work with us and evaluate new names and marks
  4. Gaining familiarity with the competition and market conditions facing your company
  5. Conducting research to find sources of possible names or marks
  6. Developing a selection of names or marks for your review
  7. Discussing with you the selected names or marks
  8. Refining the names or marks that interest you
  9. Preparing a list of final candidates
  10. Encouraging you to search, test, and protect the finalist names or marks via legal counsel and other professionals of your choice and provide referrals for such purposes, if requested. (We don't provide search or legal services because objectivity can be lost when the same company selects a name and then also searches and legally protects it.)

Listening to our clients

Our goals are to develop marks and names which reflect our clients' aspirations, meaningfully connect with their customers, and resonate in today's cultural and economic environment. To achieve these goals, we do many things, but the three most important are: (1) listen very closely to our clients to discover who they are and what they want, (2) study current names and marks in the relevant industry, trade or profession, and (3) apply our linguistic, cultural, and aesthetic knowledge and resources to develop potential names or marks.

We bring to our work a solid legal perspective. Though we do not offer legal advice or services, we have decades of experience in protecting intellectual property, working with trademark attorneys around the world, and dealing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and other trademark registries.

We can best help clients who know the value and importance of trademarks, business names, and domain names and who recognize that creating a strong name or mark is more than worth the time and effort.

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