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Selected Trademarks

Due to client confidentiality or to pre-allowance status of pending trademark registration applications, we cannot disclose most of the names and marks we have worked on. However, below is a selection of names and marks representative of recent projects, along with a brief discussion of each.

TECOLITE (environmentally friendly fuel transformer)

From TECOLOTE, meaning "owl" in Spanish, an animal symbol for wisdom, in this case to connote environmental wisdom and provide a reference to the natural world.  (The last O was replaced by an I.)  The mark breaks down into TEC, connoting technical; ECO, connoting environmental; OLI, connoting oil; LITE, implying a light environmental impact, and ITE, connoting a substance. For visual interest, it also contains a double TE at the beginning and end.

AQUATHERICS (new discipline of water-based massage and bodywork)

From AQUA, Latin for water, and ETHERICS from Latin and Greek, connoting a spiritual discipline, since the services provided have a deeper purpose than merely physical applications. By meaningful coincidence the mark also contains the founder's first name, THERI. The pluralized form also connotes a field or discipline, e.g., like "athletics" or Pilates (now generic).

MOVING AWARENESS (tagline for water-based massage and bodywork)

The techniques used by practitioners help make clients aware of how their body moves but also how their awareness subtly changes after their body has been moved in subtle ways. In other words, this tagline may connote both AWARENESS OF MOVING and MOVING OF AWARENESS, which gives it resonance.

JOSEPHSDREAMWORK (psychoanalyst's blog and website) (not used)

JOSEPH in the Bible's Book of Genesis was the first "psychoanalyst," having secured a position of power and prestige in Egypt by interpreting Pharaoh's dreams.  (Gen. 41:15-41)  DREAMWORK is a term sometimes used in connection with psychoanalysis. Also, JOSEPH was the client's first name. 

PRANA (climbing and yoga clothing and accessories)

From Sanskrit, meaning "breath of life." We helped develop the expansion of this mark during our years of representing it legally.

RELSTONE (continuing education publications and services)

The company is Real Estate License Services, Inc., otherwise known as RELS. While keeping the company identity, we added TONE to give the name a musical connotation; to give it the solidity of a publishing house, the name also contains STONE. The construction is similar to that of PETSMART, BLUESTONE, and HEALTHYSELF. 

ZOOWORKS (children's books and magazine about animals)

The company's already successful mark is ZOOBOOKS.  But to expand into other products a companion mark had to be developed, so that BOOKS is replaced by WORKS. The WORKS concept is very broad since WORK and WORKS have so many meanings. Even without considering WORK in the singular, WORKS connotes at least a manufacturing facility (like "steelworks"), the parts of a machine or device (like the works of a watch), the literary or artistic creations of an author, or deeds (like the righteous deeds of religious disciples). Added to the notion of ZOO, which connotes variety, WORKS creates a more versatile mark.


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